Our offer

Inventory services

We provide services related to the entire inventory process carried out using the physical inventory method: from documentation, through inventory management, to broadly understood reporting.

Scope of service:

  • preparation of the annual stocktaking plan or periodic schedules for physical inventory based on the lists of physical inventory fields (boxes), 
  • conducting an inventory of current assets, fixed assets (fixed assets), cash in offices and stocks in warehouses, according to the previously developed inventory plan or based on out-of-plan orders,
  • preparation of the stocktaking documentation for performing the said work,
  • informing the Client of significant abnormalities detected during a physical inventory regarding the activity of inventoried entities and organizational units,
  • drawing up and delivery to the Client a report summarizing the implementation of the physical inventory and other reports related to the inventory process requested by the Client,
  • advisory functions at the optimization of the inventory process.

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